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Demand for Warrior Coffee's product is growing steadily. We are offering great opportunities for active wholesalers in Finland, the Nordics, Europe and all over the world.

The products that might interest you are especially:

1. Hand roasted organic coffee

2. Single-packed Warrior Instant Butter Coffees

3. Butter and oil products

4. Our tea products

5. Chai

Do you have an office, a gym or a store for example? Would you like to have our products for sale? Contact us and tell a little more about your business! We will get back to you soon.

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Warrior Coffee Peru

Organic coffee

When you demand more from your coffee, our hand roasted organic coffees are your number one choice. Whether indulged black or milky, the difference to regular coffee cannot be missed. You can easily prepare our coffees in a machine near you, but while you’re at it, why not choose new top quality equipment from us for an extra special coffee moment.

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Organic Yerba Mate

There’s a whole bunch of studies talking about the health benefits of mate. You can enjoy the magic and the unique taste of mate from early mornings throughout the day without any expectations of superpowers - but don’t be surprised if you get them! Once you befriend, you’ll have a lifelong mate!

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Instant Butter Coffee

Charge your morning coffee with a full dose of energy and get a perfect kick-start to your day – every day. Warrior Coffee has everything you need: organic coffee, virgin coconut oil, clarified butter – all combined in the same easy package, so you can enjoy delicious butter coffee wherever you are.

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Oils and fats

Prepare for healthier living. Top quality oils and fats are the main part of an energized life, and vital for many of our bodies’ functions such as brain activity. Our premium selection offers only the best: cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, clarified butter (Grass-Fed Ghee) and MCT-oil. Prepare a powerful butter coffee, or use these in cooking.

Check our Warrior Oils & Fats>>

How can I apply?

1. Fill in the registration form here! 

2. When we have received your application, we may ask further questions regarding your business. 

3. In the next step, we will accept your wholesale application. Please notice when making your first order, log into your account through this link: wholesale account. We recommend you to add the page as a bookmark. 

4. From your wholesale account, you can find the price listing. You may do your first order from your account. 

5. We will send you the products, when we have received your order  and the coffees are roasted and packed. You will also need to pay your first order before the delivery. In the future, you may order for an invoice. 

Easy - isn't it? We always send the products fresh. 


Any questions?

I'm sure you do. Please introduce your business (and yourself?) to us by filling in this form. This helps us serve you the best possible way. We'll get back to you as soon as we finish our cappucino.

Riku Uski

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