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Warrior Coffee Roastery & Cafe

Roastery-Cafe Experience in Helsinki

The coolest cafe in Helsinki!
You can enjoy our selection of organic coffees which are
hand roasted at our coffee roastery.
We offer:
Organic coffee - from the roastery next to our coffee shop
Healthy snacks from local bakeries
Hearty raw cakes for the enjoyable coffee moment

Clean, high-quality ingredients inspire us to give
you a memorable coffee moment. 

Come for breakfast! We also have healthy options for light lunch and the most delicious goodies and cakes! Chia puddings, gluten-free sandwiches, smoothies... You name it! 

We provide a lovely working space and a free wi-fi. 

Address: Valimo 21, Valimotie 21,
00380 Helsinki, Finland
⏲Mon-Fri from 8.00 AM until 2.30 PM

How to find us?

N_in l_yd_t kahvilaan

The journey from Valimo railway station to our Roastery Cafe

Menu Warrior Coffee Roastery Cafe

Warrior Coffee kahvi


Our professional baristas make magic out of our organic coffees. Our coffees are fresh and hand roasted at our roastery next door! You may enjoy the smell of fresh coffee meanwhile enjoying your espresso, latte, cappuccino... We also have a selection of Butter Coffees and few surprises! 

Smoothiet ja välipalat

Smoothies & snacks

  • Hulk (avocado, banana & greens)
  • Purple Berry (blackcurrant, avocado & lime)
  • Sunny Warrior (mango, sea buckthorn berry & goji)
  • Pink Power (strawberry, protein & mint)

We also offer chia puddings, overnight oats and fresh raw juice, which is made daily at our kitchen. 

Toast menu

Toasts & sandwiches

  • Pesto Mozzarella -toast 
  • Reindeer -toast
  • Chicken -toast
  • Pulled Pork -sandwich
  • Salmon Avocado -sandwich
  • Goat Cheese -sandwich
Gluten-free bread and Warrior-twist!
Raakakakku menu

Raw cakes & goodies

Our menu changes weekly! 

But we can guarantee you: our raw cakes are the best in Finland!