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Cafes & rastaurants

For coffee shops, we offer a full range of

  • Espresso makers
  • Filter brewers
  • Roasted coffee
  • Cacao & chai
  • Tea
  • Accessories

and all needed design, installation, training and maintenance services throughout Finland.

Yes, let's do this!

You may call us as coffee anarchists! We are continuously cheering for better office coffee solutions! Our knowledge is at its best when we can help our clients to improve their coffee culture. 



Coffee machines

Coffee machines
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Espresso machines
Espresso machines
Filter Coffee Brewers
Filter Coffee Brewers
Coffee Grinders

Warrior Coffee - Who are we?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Warrior Coffee!
Behind the delicious flavors, stands a group of enthusiastic coffee culture developers. Our passion is to roast coffee, create new products and improve our service models. We have a demand for a high-quality which can be seen in our products. Our ultimate goal is to create pure products with an amazing taste. Products that do not only taste good but makes your everyday life much more pleasant.
Warrior Coffee's story begins a few years back. Our founder, Riku Uski, started to play with ideas on how to improve workplaces’ coffee culture. Things started rolling forward soon. In 2014 all pieces locked into place. Warrior Coffee was founded. Also, the first Warrior Coffee House was built in our customer's space in Helsinki, Finland.
The name Warrior Coffee stands for a desire to ignite everyone around us. We want to communicate a positive warrior attitude.
Today, we have a growing gang of talented and passionate people. Making the coffee culture better - day by day. We are also the proud owners of an organic-certified coffee roastery, where we roast all our coffees.
We care for our environment. We care for our employees. We care for our customers. That is the reason why we are developing our business and new products - with passion.
The name Warrior Coffee stands for a desire to ignite everyone around us with a positive warrior attitude. And it represents our own "warriorism" - a strong will to challenge ourselves to create something new and awesome.
You are welcome to join our journey! 

Would you like to know more?

Hesitation is one of the biggest show stoppers to learn more about those things that matter to you. Don't hesitate, contact us now regarding your needs for coffee solutions. We guarantee you learn something valuable after speaking with us - we value your (and our) time.

Riku Uski Hi! I'm Riku and I've worked with several coffee shops from strategy to business operations and coffee shop design. I'd love to help you, too! Fill in this form or give me a call at +358445555575

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Hand roasted organic coffee

When you demand more from your coffee, our hand roasted organic coffees are your number one choice. Whether indulged black or milky, the difference to regular coffee cannot be missed. You can easily prepare our coffees in a machine near you, but while you’re at it, why not choose new top quality equipment from us for an extra special coffee moment.

Order fresh coffee already today!

Organic Tea

Lovely selection of organic tea

You didn’t think it was all about coffee, did you? Death Before Decaf also offers you an enchanting selection of organic teas. Here you’ll find various special blends that will perfect any tea moment. Try and enjoy! PS: Consume with caution, this indulgence is highly addictive.

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Have you tried Warrior Instant Butter Coffee?

Charge your morning coffee with a full dose of energy and get a perfect kick-start to your day – everyday. Warrior Coffee has everything you need: organic coffee, virgin coconut oil, clarified butter – all combined in the same easy package, so you can enjoy delicious butter coffee wherever you are.

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