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About us

Who are We?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Warrior Coffee!
Behind the delicious flavors, stands a group of enthusiastic coffee culture developers. Our passion is to roast coffee, create new products and improve our service models. We have a demand for a high-quality which can be seen in our products. Our ultimate goal is to create pure products with an amazing taste. Products that do not only taste good but makes your everyday life much more pleasant.
Warrior Coffee's story begins a few years back. Our founder, Riku Uski, started to play with ideas on how to improve workplaces’ coffee culture. Things started rolling forward soon. In 2014 all pieces locked into place. Warrior Coffee was founded. Also, the first Warrior Coffee House was built in our customer's space in Helsinki, Finland.
The name Warrior Coffee stands for a desire to ignite everyone around us. We want to communicate a positive warrior attitude.
Today, we have a growing gang of talented and passionate people. Making the coffee culture better - day by day. We are also the proud owners of an organic-certified coffee roastery, where we roast all our coffees.
We care for our environment. We care for our employees. We care for our customers. That is the reason why we are developing our business and new products - with passion.
The name Warrior Coffee stands for a desire to ignite everyone around us with a positive warrior attitude. And it represents our own "warriorism" - a strong will to challenge ourselves to create something new and awesome.
You are welcome to join our journey! 



Team Warrior Coffee


Riku, Founder & Head of Sales & Marketing

Hey there and welcome to Warrior Coffee! My job description says I’m driving our company’s business development, directing sales and marketing… and doing all things coffee. I spend my time also tossing ideas around with our customers.

 I got fired up by coffee when living abroad in 2005-2007 and upon returning to Finland, I continued with my hobby. In 2013 I got to explore the small roastery scene and coffee business in general - there was not turning back after that point. The world of coffee gives me versatile and unlimited possibilities to develop myself, participate and get overly excited over and over again. I am happy that my excitement is contagious and I can see every week someone’s day getting better with our coffee.

Mauri Paavola Warrior Coffee

Mauri, Partner & CEO

Howdy! I’m the CEO of our great company. My job description is everything between logistics planning and sales efforts, but that’s what I really like about my job – no two days are ever the same. 

Lately, I’ve been really excited about all things related to sales and serving our customers– it’s a great feeling to tell about products, services and a company that I like personally and use on daily basis. I can happily say that we do our business in the most ethical way possible and in the meanwhile respecting everyone.

 Being an everyday warrior means to me the smaller things and also the bigger ones. I go to nature every week, either to hike or to fish from my boat. On the other hand regarding the bigger things, I’m extremely proud that I had the courage to make the jump to work for Warrior Coffee from the big companies – I do work that really matters now!

Suvi Eronen Warrior Coffee

Suvi, Barista trainer & Barista

I work at Warrior Coffee as a barista trainer. I also run our Warrior Coffee Roastery & Café. I’m not afraid of challenges - actually, I´m looking for them. And hey, my name is Suvi.

Daily Warrior attitude is reflected in my work and outside the workplace. For example when I put on my 12oz gloves and mouthguard. I step into a cage or a ring, where I  start fighting with men with two meters high.

During the last 15 years, I have done a lot of different kind of jobs in the field of HoReCa. And I am sure that there is no area that would be unknown to me. 

And I drink black coffee or with ghee and MCT -oil.

Piia Warrior Coffee

Piia, Barista

I'm Piia and I am working as a baristaat Warrior Coffee.

So I am the one making your coffee when you visit our Warrior Coffee Roastery & Café at Valimo21, Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki.

When I first started working with coffee I knew it was never going to end. I am originally from Tampere, and you can hear it from the way I speak. I hear about it very often.

I am Warrior because I make you the best coffee possible. It can start off your day quite nicely. And I like the smile given by my customers when they get the first sip.

I prefer to have my coffee black or with oat milk, that works!

Paahtaja Warrior Coffee

Lassi, Roast master

I'm Lassi. I'm the roaster.

If I were a stone, I would like to be flat.
So flat, that when seeing me, you would only think about skipping stones, on perfect milk foam, like when an airplane dives into the cloud, where the sky and earth meet, where endless possibilities linger, coffee and milk merge.

The thing is, I'm not a stone. And my days do not go by skipping on milk foam, but rather weaving my way through the terrains of possibilities and realities. I roast coffee, make greenish beans brown, with a large, small and tiny roaster. I taste, I ponder, and wonder about how to make those beans agree with your palate/tongue while trying to make sure that all the hard work before me, will not go to waste in my hands.

I met coffee in Guatemala, 2011. It's been an incredible journey so far. That's why I recommend others to get to know hir as well.


Petsku, Junior Roaster


I'm Petsku, I'm the junior roaster. I'm also in charge of sending and receiving all the packages and I also do some small janitor work over the roastery.

I got really into the coffee scenery more than ten years ago. I started to quest that perfect espresso. Even though I have had a few excellent espressos, I really haven't found that perfect one.

So - I had to start roasting coffee by myself.

Nowadays, coffee is more than a way of life for me. I don't drink coffee just to get some caffeine into my system. I rather drink it because I want to enjoy the moment and good coffee. I want to have an influence by the choices I make. Quality and ethical values are important to me. 


Warrior Coffee’s approach to coffee is combining quality, purity, and flavor. As all our coffees, also our coffee roastery is certified organic. To guarantee transparency, we purchase our raw coffee straight from the farmers, cooperatives or our organic certified green coffee merchants.

In addition to strict quality control, we continuously develop the handling and roasting of coffee. As coffee is the most traded commodity in the world after oil, it takes special attention to filter out the purest high-quality coffees. This is why our coffees often suit even those who are too sensitive for average, regular coffee.

All our coffees are carefully roasted by hand so that our master roaster can use his tender nose to bring out the very best qualities of the coffee. We exist to make every day a little better.

We are a member of Specialty Coffee Association.

Want to visit our Roastery?

You find us from 
Valimotie 21, 00380 Helsinki, Finland. 

You may enjoy the smell of fresh coffee, see how your coffee is roasted and enjoy the organic coffees at our café.



Organic certification


Both - our roastery and our coffees have organic certification. 

Speciality Coffee Association

Speciality Coffee Association

We are a member of Speciality Coffee Association.


 Read more here>>

Warrior Coffee Roastery & Cafe

The coolest cafe in Helsinki!
You can enjoy our selection of organic coffees which are
hand roasted at our coffee roastery.
We offer:
Organic coffee - from the roastery next to our coffee shop
Healthy snacks from local bakeries
Hearty raw cakes for the enjoyable coffee moment

Clean, high-quality ingredients inspire us to give
you a memorable coffee moment. 

Come for breakfast! We also have healthy options for light lunch and the most delicious goodies and cakes! Chia puddings, gluten-free sandwiches, smoothies... You name it! 

We provide a lovely working space and a free wi-fi. 

Address: Valimo 21, Valimotie 21,
00380 Helsinki, Finland
⏲Mon-Fri from 8.00 AM until 2.30 PM


Contact us!

If you have any questions regarding our products, deliveries or your order, please contact our roastery. 

We will gladly help you out!  

Our chat is online throughout the weekdays from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm.  (GMT +2)

Our Roastery's customer service is available from Monday's to Friday's from 9 am until 3 pm. (GMT +2)
Please call: +358 40 5222 830

You can also reach us through e-mail: hello@warriorcoffee.com


Say hello!

Where to buy?


Here you can find our valued partners that sell Warrior Coffee products in various countries.